Pete Tchoryk

Fund Advisor

As an engineer, I always aspired to develop ideas that would not only advance knowledge, but provide people with a chance to make a difference. I started off very focused on technology, then more on team and company building. But thankfully, my eyes have been opened along the way, because it takes a much more purposeful effort to provide real opportunities for people. Especially those who are marginalized or disadvantaged.

To make this happen required an ecosystem that incorporated our passions for developing new ideas with a path to providing real and meaningful opportunities for others. Through our Springmatter umbrella, we provide resources to entrepreneurs and access to our engineers and scientists at Michigan Aerospace. And through our Springmatter Fund, we are collaborating with community organizations who help marginalized youth, companies who value diversity, and educational institutions that are committed to inclusivity.

I am very fortunate that my work life and passions have merged together. I am also fortunate and grateful that I work with a group of people who live mindfully and share a passion for creating opportunities for all.

My mission is to create a business and community culture that values equality, equity, and diversity and that creates opportunities for people to find meaningful employment. A culture that shows our youth that companies value them for who they are. A culture that encourages people to live authentically and provides an environment that empowers and inspires them to make a difference in the world. This is my passion and this is my work.