What is a Springmatter Network School?


Springmatter Network Schools and educators have pledged their commitment to creating safe and inclusive learning environments for all students and they have taken the first step to creating and sharing their knowledge with others.
OPEN MINDS is an educational initiative to teach and demonstrate the power of diversity, equity, inclusion, and collaboration. We are developing and sharing a series of curricula, workshops, and educational materials that demonstrate the value of differences. Expanding on the Liberation Curriculum by The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University, we are committed to sharing this knowledge with the world — knowledge that has the power to inspire every human being to pursue the Dream of living peacefully and productively in what Dr. King called our great ‘world house.’
OPEN HEARTS is a movement to encourage, publish, and promote expressions contributing to a greater understanding among diverse groups and ensuring that every child is ‘seen’ and represented in the teaching materials used in their schools.  These expressions take many forms, including written stories, video, audio, poetry, and art that shares the human experience and inspires future generations to boldly live their lives authentically and fearlessly.
OPEN WORLDS is a network that ties together schools, communities, and companies through Place-Based Education (PBE). The first phase of OPEN WORLDS involves our environmental network of sensors that integrate STEAM education with student-informed problem solving in their communities. Implemented locally and connected globally, the goal of the OPEN WORLDS network is to provide every child the opportunity to share their talents, lead meaningful lives, and be part of creating a more inclusive world.

Making Connections

Any educational institution and educator can join the Springmatter Schools Network and begin connecting to organizations that provide educational materials, workshops, and resources on the value and power of diversity, STEAM, and Place-Based Education (PBE).

Visit www.WelcomingSchools.org, the Stanford Martin Luther King, Jr. Liberation Curriculum, and the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS) sites for more information.