An open-source community dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge, experiences, tools, and resources on diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration.


OPEN MINDS is an educational initiative to teach and demonstrate the power of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration by applying the philosophies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We are developing and sharing a series of curricula, workshops, and educational materials to build on the foundation of Dr. King’s ideology and create a greater “world house” where all can live and work peacefully and productively.


OPEN HEARTS is a grassroots movement to encourage, publish, and promote expressions contributing to a greater understanding among diverse groups and a more socially-just world. These expressions take many forms, including written stories, video, audio, poetry, and art that shares the human experience and inspires future generations to boldly live their lives authentically and fearlessly.


OPEN WORLDS is an open-source network of communities, schools, and companies committed to showing the power of diversity, the strength of collaboration, and the edification of sacrifice in solving the most challenging problems of our time. OPEN WORLDS includes our OPEN-X network of practical, hands-on Problem Based Learning (PBL) projects for K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning.

Springmatter is home to the OPEN MINDS  OPEN HEARTS  OPEN WORLDS community and network. We support an educational initiative promoting diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration by applying the philosophies of Dr. King; a platform for expressing the human experience of living life authentically and fearlessly; and a network of inclusive companies, community organizations, diverse individuals, advocates, educators, and schools that have taken a stand in support of human rights and diverse populations.

We believe that all people can have a meaningful impact when empowered with the education, training, and resources to accomplish their goals.

Our vision is to fulfill the Dream in which every human being has the unalienable right to live authentically and have equal and equitable opportunities in education, employment, housing, and healthcare — and the ability to live peacefully and productively in a ‘world house’ that values diversity.

What We’re Doing Today

  • Launching the OPEN MINDS educational initiative in collaboration with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University.
  • Supporting community organizations that help marginalized and disadvantaged populations share their stories and experiences.
  • Creating opportunities for diverse populations to share their talents with the world through our network of companies, community organizations, and schools.
  • Providing funding and other critical resources to organizations supporting at-risk youth and the communities where they live.

We will know we have succeeded when, in the words of Dr. King, “People will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” and we make this true for every person, in every nation, from every walk of life.

Take the First Step

Join our grassroots community and demonstrate the power of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration.


We’re mobilizing companies and organizations to stand up for social justice, civil rights, and human rights and letting their voices be heard.

Springmatter provides organizations with information, policies, and best practices to help them become more inclusive. With the help of educational resources, training, and connections with Springmatter partners, leading companies can more effectively reach out to marginalized youth and diverse populations with their message of inclusivity and their belief in the value of diversity.


We’re reinforcing the important work of community organizations dedicated to serving at-risk youth and diverse populations.

Springmatter provides community organizations with funding, educational resources, and training, while fostering connections with companies that offer meaningful internships and employment opportunities. Our goal is to introduce more companies to the talents of diverse populations, an underutilized source of groundbreaking innovations and novel ideas.


We’re fortifying schools with educational materials, workshops, and resources that create safe, welcoming learning environments for all.

Schools in our network gain access to educational programming and diversity training for students and educators, as well as opportunities to enrich curricula with participation from inclusively-minded organizations. This includes access to the latest materials from the Liberation Curriculum at The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University.

The Springmatter Mission

Empower our youth with the knowledge that their differences are the very source of innovation and enlightenment in our world.

Develop and share K-12 curricula, workshops, and educational resources promoting diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration by applying the philosophies of Dr. King.

Strive to create a greater “world house” where all can live and work peacefully and productively in a more socially-just world.

Encourage, publish, and promote artistic expressions contributing to a greater understanding of diverse groups and inspire future generations to boldly live their lives authentically and fearlessly.

Mobilize the millions of small, mid-size, and large companies that value diversity to stand up for marginalized communities.

Provide a platform for even the smallest companies to make their inclusivity known and to easily connect with diverse populations, schools, and nonprofit agencies.

Turn hope into action by providing educational materials and helping organizations expand internship, mentoring, training, and job opportunities for at-risk youth and all populations.

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