Advocacy Organizations

The organizations found here fight for social and legal justice for many different groups of marginalized individuals, including adults and youth who are female, non-white, religious, LGBTQ+, trauma survivors, and/or have disabilities. Collectively, they provide legislative presence, safe spaces, suicide prevention, career assistance, empowerment and leadership workshops and programs, and nondiscriminatory services, such as healthcare, housing, immigration, business assistance, and legal representation.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University

Building upon the achievements of Stanford University’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project, the King Institute supports a broad range of activities illuminating Dr. King’s life and the movements he inspired.

American Civil Liberties Union

The ACLU has works to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights

The Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights mobilizes international action to end gender discrimination in nationality laws.

Neutral Zone – Ann Arbor, MI

The Neutral Zone is a diverse, youth-driven teen center dedicated to promoting personal growth through artistic expression, community leadership and the exchange of ideas.

Neutral Zone aims to support all youth to reach their highest potential by offering 20 arts and community programs that support mattering, skill building and leadership development.

Neutral Zone hosts the Riot Youth program, an after school weekly program that brings together about 30-40 teens to provide a safe, supportive space for peer and social support  and  to engage in social activism.

Ozone House

Ozone House helps youth lead safe, healthy and productive lives.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide.

Spectrum Center Mission

With sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as our framework, the Spectrum Center is committed to enriching the campus experience and developing students as individuals and as members of communities. Our work is accomplished through a student-centered, intersectional lens.

Spectrum Center Vision

The Spectrum Center envisions an inclusive campus community free of discrimination in all forms where social justice inspires community engagement and equity.

Ann Arbor Spark

Ann Arbor SPARK is an organization dedicated to the economic prosperity of the greater Ann Arbor region.

Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions, and other forms of assistance to small businesses.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Hard of Hearing

Chat with a Lifeline counselor 24/7:

Contact the Lifeline via TTY (teletypewriter): 1-800-799-4889

Sylvia Rivera Law Project

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination or violence.

Youth Advocate Programs

YAP is a nationally recognized, nonprofit organization exclusively committed to the provision of community-based alternatives to out-of-home care through direct service, advocacy and policy change.

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) activates emerging leaders by connecting them with resources, people, and ideas.